La Famille Ducourt

With a heritage dating back more than 150 years, the Ducourt family are firmly established as one of Bordeaux’s best-known wine producers. But that doesn’t mean they are rooted in tradition. If wine is running through their veins, then innovation is in their DNA. Pioneers of bag in box wine in the 1970s, Jonathan Ducourt explains why they’re onboard with wine on tap.

Our family settled in Bordeaux in 1858, and we’ve been making wine here ever since

It began with just a few hectares of vines on the Château des Combes estate, but it was my grandfather Henri Ducourt who transformed it into one of Bordeaux’s largest winemaking unities, with 450 hectares, 14 chateaux in 6 different appellations controlées.


I grew up with the vineyard, working here was inevitable

In the school holidays I was already working in the vineyard with the team, and with my family. At university I studied wine making, before going abroad to do internships. Then I came back here to work with my family, bringing new knowledge with me. I love what I do.

Working with the family is enjoyable, and beneficial too

My father looks after the vineyards, my brother is the winemaker, and I look after sales and marketing. But we manage on par, and share the responsibility for the bigger picture.

We strive for quality

Investing in the vineyards, the winery and equipment, and in the team. A skilled team helps you achieve the best each year. We unite traditional knowledge with the latest technologies: quality grapes are essential and at the moment we’re trialling a new variety that is naturally resistant to diseases, so we won’t have to spray in future.

Despite being rooted in tradition, our business is focused on innovation

We were pioneers of bag in box bag in the late 1970s. People said we were crazy, and were destroying the image of Bordeaux. They said we weren’t welcome here any more! But today wine in boxes is sold everywhere, and everyone does it. In France 1 in 4 bottles is sold in a box.

“When we talk about innovation, it’s staying in touch with what’s going on, trying new things, and ensuring their relevance to delivering good quality wine to people.”

Right at the beginning when we heard about wine in barrels we were interested

We ran tests here in our labs to check the packaging was good enough, and to ensure freshness and quality. We were convinced! When we found out what Love Wine on Tap were doing, right away we said we wanted to work with them – it felt like a really good match for us.

With wine on tap there’s no waste

It never comes into contact with air, so you’ll never have to throw away wine that’s no longer fresh. And it comes directly from taps, so it’s far more convenient for restaurants and bars because it saves space and it’s quicker.

The Bordeaux region is unique

The soil combined with the weather, and the varieties of grapes that have been chosen over centuries – they go together very well. But the other thing is there are lots of ideas here, lots of innovation. People come from oversees to study and experience Bordeaux, and they bring new knowledge with them. From the vineyards to the wineries and laboratories, we have the expertise and the best equipment.

The wine here is elegant and balanced  

The climate is quite cool, so the wine never gets too big, and the balance between acidity the ripeness. It’s special. I wouldn’t say it was easy to drink, but it’s very welcoming. Another glass is always pleasant, and you don’t need to have a meal with it.

For Autumn I’d recommend our red…

We have three wines with Love Wine on Tap. A red, a white and a rose. A red is always nice in Autumn and it’s a good example of what we do: when I say it’s balanced, it’s fruity and it’s enjoyable.

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