Meet George, our MD

Our experts are passionate about wine on tap. Their dedication to bringing customers the best quality wine at the the best price has seen them travel the world over, picking up a wealth of knowledge along the way. These the people for whom no stat is insignificant, no innovation too nerdy to be irrelevant. They are the experts in wine on tap. Here’s why George Workman, our Managing Director, is passionate about wine on tap…

“This is a true revolution in the wine industry. An alu-foil bag in the keg protects the wine from light, and the keg is designed so that the wine never comes in contact with air, so stays fresh from the first glass to the last.

Key keg technology has only been around for about eight years, and allows the wine to be delivered exactly as the winery intends. But for me wine on tap is all about operational ease. The logistics just make so much more sense than serving wine from the bottle as it frees up a huge amount of space: you can have 120l of wine in 1m²!

This also makes transport and packaging cheaper. And the wine stays the perfect temperature, no matter what. Then there’s the speed that you can serve it at.

And now we have launched this service where you can buy your wines direct from us online – no middlemen so the same quality wine at a much keener price.

This makes it a game changer. But people either love it or hate it. The wine industry is steeped in tradition and people are adverse to change, but in big cities perceptions are changing and a movement is starting to happen by some forward-thinking bar owners. Installation is simple – but requires oversight from us – and can be in the form of a row of taps on a back bar or a stylish industrial tap tower on the front of the bar. Nothing is too challenging for us.”

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