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Prosecco on tap 08/02/2018

The Prosecco On Tap Conundrum!

The Italian Government passed an EU Directive in 2009 that made it illegal to sell Prosecco on tap. Up until that point there had been a gradual decline in quality of Prosecco, with wineries mixing other grape varieties and still calling their product Prosecco. It was even being sold in cans! Similar to Champagne, the Prosecco Consorzio (a group made up of the big Prosecco producers) stipulated that Prosecco had to be grown in a certain region (an area near Venice), with fixed yields per hectare, using the Glera grape... Read More


Tapping into the trend

It’s been called the hottest, fastest growing trend in the wine industry, and now big name producers are queuing up to get on board while hip bars and high profile restaurants in the Capital are serving wine on tap. But this isn’t just a fad, draft wine could change the way we drink wine forever… Before we start, let’s be clear. This isn’t a new trend.  Although wine on tap has old-world origins, and was first pioneered in Italy, this is a trend exported from the United States where New... Read More


Famille Perrin

Wine drinkers worldwide will know Famille Perrin as the producers of world-renowned Châteauneuf-du-Pape, which has been produced on the family’s Beaucastel estate since 1909. Château de Beaucastel is in it’s fifth generation as a business run by Famille Perrin, who are also part of PFV, an international association of the world’s finest wine-producing families. With heritage like that, you might not think a move to wine on tap was in the offing, but, says Andrew Bayley, the General Manager of the Famille Perrin UK, in the wine trade heritage and... Read More


Benefits of wine on tap

It’s time for traditionalists to move over! Wine on tap is here to stay. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s better for customers as it allows them to try more types of wine by the glass, and it’s better for the wine, as it stays fresher for longer. It’s also better for bars and restaurants, because it takes up less space, and is quicker and easier to serve. Here’s a handy infographic to guide you through the benefits of wine on tap.


La Famille Ducourt

With a heritage dating back more than 150 years, the Ducourt family are firmly established as one of Bordeaux’s best-known wine producers. But that doesn’t mean they are rooted in tradition. If wine is running through their veins, then innovation is in their DNA. Pioneers of bag in box wine in the 1970s, Jonathan Ducourt explains why they’re onboard with wine on tap.


Meet George, our MD

Our experts are passionate about wine on tap. Their dedication to bringing customers the best quality wine at the the best price has seen them travel the world over, picking up a wealth of knowledge along the way. These the people for whom no stat is insignificant, no innovation too nerdy to be irrelevant. They are the experts in wine on tap. Here’s why George Workman, our Managing Director, is passionate about wine on tap…


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